Daily Draw for Friday

Insomnia has returned, and I am slowly going crazy. Today’s cards are The World, King of Wands, and nine of Wands. You will make them all very happy if you give them a little clicky so you can see them better. Just hit the back button to keep reading.

2009 09-25 DailyThe World card seems to be speaking to me of building a strong foundation. She is confident in her footing, or else she wouldn’t be able to dance among the stars. The King of Wands mirrors that confidence, and the lions at his feet speak of control as well. The combination of cards seems to be saying that when my foundation is strong, I will be strong as well.

The woman on the nine looks like she is getting ready to plant that last wand in a row with the others. Perhaps she is nearing the end of a long journey, and is feeling some success. This is not really the end of a journey for me right now, but it is the end of feeling like a total newbie on my hoop, which has been suspended in my garage for several weeks now. I am still tender and having trouble with certain moves, but I no longer feel like a total beginner again, and I am gaining confidence and joy in the basics that I practice (almost constantly).

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Daily Draw for Monday

I’m trying to get out of a funk that has taken over lately, so I’m making the extra effort to get back into doing my daily draws. Today’s draw is the five of Pentacles, the two of Wands, and the nine of Wands. Click on the cards to see a larger scan.

2009 09-07 DailyThe five of Pentacles makes me think of how I feel right now. A little bit out in the cold over an encounter with a very bitter bureaucratic type who refuses to be helpful in any way. I feel turned upside down and confused by her aggressiveness and rudeness.

The two of wands shows where I would rather be – a position of balance and freedom versus having the ground shaking under my feet. This leads to the nine of wands, which represents victory. The cards are telling me that even though I am shaken up right now, focusing on getting my feet back under me and forgetting about the tremor will lead me to a happy place.

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