Wednesday Oracle

I’m back to the Wednesday oracle readings at last, starting with the lovely Celtic Messages Oracle. It’s new to me, but so far I enjoy it and I could not help but laugh when I pulled a very appropriate card today, the Cauldron. Click on it to see a larger scan.

2009 09-30 Wednesday OracleThe Cauldron card says “Abundance, Prosperity, Hidden Riches” on the front, and combined with the image, I had to smile. I spent all morning cooking so that I can just pop dinner in the oven before my husband gets home. The stuffed crepes that I made are a family favorite, and I have treasured the recipe since I discovered it.

There are two pieces of wisdom that I really took note of in the book. The first said to get advice before making purchases. This caught my eye because I plan on starting October with a dedication toward not spending money unless it is absolutely necessary (diapers, milk, cat food, but not “wants”). The other piece of wisdom was “Be prepared to share.” It is the last phrase on the page, and even seems a little out of place, but it is good advice. When money gets tight, my first impulse is to eat less and hoard leftovers, so when my husband suggested inviting some friends over for dinner recently, I had a moment of panic. The card is telling me that I can relax my grip on the pantry – we’re doing ok.

The deck that I used today is the Celtic Messages Oracle. It is available on Amazon for a great price, and it seems to be a deck well worth the money. You may also want to consider The Book of Celtic Symbols: Symbols, Stories & Blessings for Everyday Living from the same author. Every purchase you make from Amazon after clicking a link in this blog will benefit Reading the Cards, so thank you very much.

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Daily Draw for Tuesday

Today’s daily draw is with the Mystic Dreamer Tarot, yet again. The cards are the four of Cups, the ten of Swords, and the Hermit. Not a very “happy” reading overall! Click on the cards for a larger image.

2009 09-22 Daily

The four of Cups strikes me as a very sad card in this deck. Normally I associate this card with longing, but the woman in this deck seems to go beyond that, even perhaps mourning what she dreamed of but cannot reach. I was trying to figure out what in my life makes me feel that way, and I realized that it may be the attempts to sell my creative work, including my Tarot readings here and my crocheted items at Tangled Yarn Creations. It seems like these ventures are “dead” before they even get truly started, much like the ten of Swords.

If the first two cards are about my feelings, then the Hermit is perhaps about the solution. He stands alone with a small pile of books and scrolls and a pen and paper. Doing his homework, I would almost say. It may just be that I need to stop closeting myself away with research, theory, and even with my projects, and get out into the world to spread the word about my projects. I have a lot to share, so it would be lovely to be better able to share it.

The deck that I used today is the Mystic Dreamer Tarot. If you enjoy it, you may also like the Llewellyn Tarot. Both are available through Amazon, and any purchase made through the links on this page will benefit Reading the Cards, so thank you for your patronage!

Wednesday Oracle

I wanted to do something a little different and offer you an oracle card for today! I have been having a really hard time the past few days, and have pretty much stayed away from anything that might be creative in any way, including my cards, but last night I was feeling ready to challenge myself again. I drew the Tattered Dreams card from the Enchanted Oracle. I read it for myself, thought about it for a few moments, and then decided that I was tired and put it back in the deck. This morning I shuffled the cards pretty well, asked what message the deck had for me… and drew Tattered Dreams again! Click on her to see a larger scan.

2009 08-12 Wednesday OracleThe Tattered Dreams card is just how it sounds, but like many Tarot cards, it is more, too. The faerie in this picture is a bit broken down and tired. Her gloves and wings are ragged, spider webs grace the room… But her spinning wheel still appears whole and ready to work, and she has a beautiful butterfly resting on her hand just waiting for her to open her eyes and notice.

While I have been going through a time in my life that has left me about as shredded as this faerie and as tired of life, there is plenty of beauty left in the world when I am ready to look for it again, and I think it is time for me to listen to the card, gather up my shredded pieces and get back on with it.

All this means, for me, is that the path is not going to be easy; there is no saying no to someone who is always willing to pick themselves up and carry on.

The Enchanted Oracle features the artwork of the amazingly talented Jessica Galbreth and a book by Barbara Moore. To buy this beautiful oracle (which I absolutely love and recommend highly), click here. If you love faeries, I also recommend the Oracle of the Dragonfae by various artists with an accompanying book by Lucy Cavendish. Buying items through the links on this blog supports Reading the Cards, so thank you!

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Daily Draw for Friday

Today’s daily spread includes Postponement (four of Swords), Ice-Olation (three of Swords), and Innocence (Sun). Click the cards for a larger scan.

2009 08-07 DailyPostponement looks pretty much how I feel right now. I have been dealing with (please note that I don’t say “suffering from”) depression since adolescence, and in the last few years have learned about what I call my “tells”. They are the little things or feelings, like a certain kind of restlessness, which I start to feel a day or two before I start getting actually depressed. They are like an advance warning system if you are self-aware enough to spot them. I was feeling some of my tells yesterday and last night, so I am totally unsurprised to draw two cards that seem to be describing depression this morning: the three and four of Swords.

The Sun card was much more interesting to me. It shows an old man happily laughing at a praying mantis on his finger, with cherry blossoms raining down around him. Looks like a lovely spring day. The card is called “Innocence”, but the man is not a child, he is an old man. He must have chosen a path of joyful innocence. To me, this says that I can put my life on hold (Postponement) and let the depression win (Ice-Olation), or I can choose Innocence and joy, and let myself experience the day. I’m already feeling better.

As I was shuffling, the Stress card jumped out. 2009 08-07 ExtraI guess that’s about as clear a message as any of us ever get: you’re juggling too much and trying to accomplish too much. Just relax, let some things go, and don’t be afraid of the occasional stumble. I love the extra arms and legs in the figure, and how they are making things harder instead of easier. Instead of wishing for an extra arm or extra hour in the day, we should work on working within our limits, instead.

The Osho Zen Tarot is an interesting deck for beginners because of the intuitive images on the cards. As a more advanced reader, I really love comparing the keywords to my established definitions of the cards. To buy the Osho Zen Tarot, click here. You might also be interested in the Osho Zen Tarot: Music for Tarot Reading. By buying through the links in this blog, you help support Reading the Cards, so thank you!