Daily Draw for Wednesday

Today’s draw is the seven of Cups, the two of Cups, and the Wheel of Fortune.Click on the cards to see a larger scan of the reading.

2009 09-23 DailyThe seven of Cups usually comes up for me when I need to stop daydreaming, choose an area of focus, and just GO. In this case I think I am spending too much time working on my other projects (including both Tarot and crochet) and not enough time with the circus training that I love. It is a lot easier to sit on the couch with some yarn and some cards than to get up and move, but I need to!

Ah, but the two of cups, what a card of harmony, no? I don’t need to give up my other hobbies, I just need to find a balance. I need to be willing to spend time on all of the things I love when they will each benefit me most. I may be hanging out at a cafe with my yarn or my cards tonight, so I should get some stretching or some working out done today.

I like the Wheel of Fortune card. What goes up must come down, the whole world is a circle and things go in cycles. The Wheel reminds me of fate and destiny, and I know that my time is coming… I just have to be ready to enjoy it when it gets here.

The deck that I used today is the Mystic Dreamer Tarot. If you enjoy it, you may also like the Llewellyn Tarot. Both are available through Amazon, and any purchase made through the links on this page will benefit Reading the Cards, so thank you for your patronage!

Daily Draw for Thursday

Today’s draw: The Fool, the Tower, and the two of Cups. Click on the image for a larger scan!

2009 08-13 DailyToday’s cards are really literal, which is nice after you’ve had a run of confusing or very deep readings. The Fool means, about as literally as you can get, the Fool’s journey that I took through my newest Tarot deck. I went through all the cards today, and enjoyed the artwork immensely.

The Tower probably refers to the neck pain that hit me last night. It is hindering my movements and abilities, and I pretty much feel like a cracked Tower today. Not very fun, but from every bad comes good, so I’m also not worried. I’m stretching and feeling better little by little.

The two of Cups confused me at first, but as I was working on the spread, my husband called. Turns out he won’t be out late tonight after all, but will be coming home to spend the evening with me. Like the couple in the card, we will just enjoy each other’s company tonight. Very good!

The Fenestra is a deck designed and created by a Thai artist to express the many influence on her artistic work and her love of the Tarot. The images are soft acrylic in a watercolor style, and pretty easy to read. If you would like to purchase the Fenestra Tarot, click here! All purchases through the link of this blog support Reading the Cards, so thank you!