Daily Draw for Wednesday

I am not sure if I will do an oracle pull today or not, but the cards were calling to me, so out they come. I shuffled for almost ten minutes while I read some email today, and only when I was done did I hold the cards, direct my focus, and shuffle some more for the daily draw. And yet here is the King of Swords again, for the second day in a row! He comes with the two of Swords and the four of Pentacles. As always, click for a larger image.

2009 09-16 DailyYesterday I was having trouble reading my daily reading. Today I found out that Mercury is in retrograde, and one of the things that it is currently affecting is clarity in communication. Great. I also found out that it is affecting writers, which I am. Also great. At least I know why my life has literally exploded since September 7th! (For example, today the microwave burst into flames.)

After trying valiantly to ignore the noble King of Swords yesterday, he came back today to remind me that I didn’t get the message. He brought the two of Swords with him, perhaps to drive home the point. It does show a woman blindfolded, after all. The card image looks as if the sun is coming out from behind the moon, perhaps representing clarity after confusion. The moon is in many Mystic Dreamer cards, and it is in all three of these.

The four of Pentacles looks just like I feel. She is sitting on the ground clinging to her pentacle in the same way that I feel like I have to pinch every penny right now. Like many people, money is currently a problem for me. The two represents choices in many cases. Perhaps the choice to remain blindfolded or to see what’s in front of me. She is facing toward the King of Swords on the next card, who still looks arrogant and in control. To be honest, this card sort of creeps me out, the way his expression is.

I admit I am still thoroughly confused. 😦

The deck that I used today is the Mystic Dreamer Tarot. If you enjoy it, you may also like the Llewellyn Tarot. Both are available through Amazon, and any purchase made through the links on this page will benefit Reading the Cards, so thank you for your patronage!

Daily Draw for Monday

Today has been a very stressful day, which is why it is the afternoon and I am only just getting out my cards. I used the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot for the reading. Keep your eyes open, because if you like this deck, you could win it, or a reading with it! Details tomorrow!! Now, on with the reading. I drew the Lord of Earth, the Two of Air (Swords), and Imagination (Chariot). Click on the cards to see a larger scan.

2009 08-17 DailyThe Lord of Earth tells me about my role as master of the household finances, a job that I sort of stumbled on today. While sorting out the chaos, I was feeling very stressed out and unhappy. The Lord reminds me that I am the one in control, and as such it is up to me to calmly fix things and get on with life rather than freaking out unnecessarily.

The two of Air shows two riders on horseback. The card’s keyword is “respect”, and the book talks about seeing the other side of an issue, and two people putting aside conflict to work together, etc. I think I just need to respect this mistake as the small and annoying thing it is, and work with it as a learning experience instead of trying to bury it or forget about it.

The Imagination card tells me to let my creative side have some free reign here, and to allow myself to move forward past this mistake and find creative ways to fix it, which I have already worked on doing. It is a pain to have to deal with this kind of thing, but I believe it will prove useful to me in the end.

Keep your eyes out tomorrow to win a copy of the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot or a reading with this deck soon! But if you just can’t wait, the Da Vinci Enigma is also available on Amazon. All items purchased through the links on this blog benefit Reading the Cards, so thank you!