Readings Available!


Your reading will be emailed to you in the email text, and a scan of your cards will accompany the email as a JPG attachment. The prices are as follows:

1. Three Card Reading – $10

This is a very general spread that I do, and while it might have a past-present-future or other triad layout to it, it is often useful as a general layout. The meanings of the card positions, if any, will be determined by the question and how I feel I can best serve an answer.

2. Five Card Reading – $25

I will design a spread for you based on your question. Spreads may be unique, or they may be similar to spreads that I have used in the past, however it will always apply to your situation or question specifically.

3. Ten Card “Giving and Receiving Energy” Spread – $55

This spread is designed by Tarot Dame, and is meant to show how the energies of giving and receiving may be blocked in your psyche, and how to un-block them. This spread is very time consuming for me to read, which is why it is pricey, but I have used it for myself and found it very helpful to me.

4. One to Three Card Clarification – $5

If I have done a reading for you and you feel like you want more clarification on any of the points I have made, I will pull between one and three cards to clarify.


To book a reading with me, send the appropriate payment via Paypal to me at ReadingtheCards at When I have received payment, I will email you to receive your query and we will schedule your reading!

Things to keep in mind:

Tarot is an excellent intuitive tool. It should never be used in place of medical or legal advice, and for this and liability reasons I will not do health or legal readings. I’m sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause.

My hope for you is that the readings I give will help guide you in a positive direction, but the future is nebulous and every action we take has the potential to change it. I take no responsibility for any actions that you take or do not take as a result of your reading; your life is yours to live, and I can only hope to offer guidance.

I am required to disclose that readings are for “entertainment purposes only”.

ReadingTheCards at

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