Daily Draw for Monday

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Today I am working with a new deck, not just new to me, but also released within the last few months: Mage: The Awakening Tarot. This deck was based off of the Mage roleplaying game, but is a lovely stand alone deck, also. You don’t need any knowledge of the RPG to play. The draw was the Devil, Temperance, and the King of Wands.2009 08-03 Daily

Click on the image for a larger scan.

After I laid out the cards, I remembered a chore that I was going to do in the kitchen today. It involves a lot of down-time, so I decided to go get it started before I typed out my reading. When I got to the kitchen, I saw a HUGE line of ants, almost an inch thick, which snaked around my entire kitchen. I have been trying to deal with these disgusting creatures (Devil) civilly, using deterrents instead of poison (Temperance), but this is too much. I am going crazy, I am too grossed out to cook half the time, and I am very sick of these things all over my food surfaces. I’m not sure what action to take yet, but I need to become the King of Swords and wield myself a trusty weapon against these bugs.

If this seems like a silly thing to read the cards about, keep in mind that they have been affecting me in a big way for a few weeks now. I am SO SICK of their trails in my house, and I think the cards are telling me that Mother Nature will forgive some more drastic measures now that Mr. Nice Guy has failed.

If you are interested in purchasing your own copy of the new Mage: The Awakening Tarot, click here! The deck stands alone, but can be also used with the Mage source book, Mage: The Awakening, Keys to the Supernatural Tarot. If you are a gamer, you might want to consider getting both, and if not, the Mage book might still provide you with some fun and insight. By purchasing products through the links on this page, you support Reading the Cards, so thank you!