Compass Spread with the Quantum Tarot

This copy of the Quantum Tarot is special in that I have blacked out the card names at the bottom. The colorful oval in the middle of that strip still indicates which card each is, but the black space (instead of the name of the card) gives you time to think about the new implications of the card with the Quantum images before you get bogged down in RWS meanings. Click on either photo for a larger scan. The spread is the Compass Spread by my friend Sherry at Green Trinity.

2009 11-03 Quantum Compass Spread 2The “center” card, which represents where I am at now, is Jupiter (King of Wands). Jupiter was the ultimate father figure in Roman times, and is very self controlled. I’ve been controlling myself almost to the point of stifling lately, so it makes sense.

The North position of my compass is the Solar System (Ten of Pentacles), representing what leaves me cold. I think right now I just feel like security is so far away as to be a joke, and without security, how can we have that sense of completion that comes with the tens?

What warms me is Particle Decay (Five of Cups). I’m starting to feel good about getting past what I have lost and working the new, different situation into my life. It’s a challenge, not a painful situation. Or at least that is how I am trying to see it.

2009 11-03 Quantum Compass SpreadI am set back by Mars (Knight of Wands). He is passion and fiery energy. I want to go to war with my problems. I want to fix them, and I mean yesterday, but my largest problem right now can only be solved by patience, persistence, and time. It’s getting me pretty riled up, and I have not been feeling my best because of the impotent feelings of it.

What moves me forward is Neptume (King of Cups). Looks like my husband is the driving force pulling me forward. Makes sense to me. There were a lot of court cards today!

Daily Draw for Friday

Today’s daily draw is Death, four of Earth (Pentacles), and ten of Earth. Please click on the scan for a larger image. Also, there will be a giveaway soon featuring this deck! Come back soon or subscribe to the blog for further information.

2009 08-14 DailyDa Vinci was apparently not a fan of art and household decor featuring the suffering and crusifiction of Jesus, so this depiction of him with his crown of thorns is relatively rare. The card means deat, not as a final end, but as a means to reincarnation, rising, or a new life. I have a medical appointment today to see if I can get some prescriptions changed, and this card is showing me that it will indeed change things; I hope the changes are all for the better!

The four of Earth is a collection of sketches of the Last Supper and the Judas in their presence, the man who held the purse strings, and wanted even more. I think I can appreciate the warning in that: money is just a tool, not something to be coveted at great personal expense or for its own sake. I have been worried about money lately, but I think maybe I shouldn’t be.

Ten of Earth is an architectural sketch. The foundation of any great building must be able to bear the weight of the building above it. Likewise, the foundation of a life is what holds that life up and makes it real. My foundation is my family. We will be having a nice evening together after my appointment, and I think it is really important to continue, always, to nurture that.

Basic read today, but a nice one! Keep your eyes out to win a copy of the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot soon! But if you just can’t wait, the Da Vinci Enigma is also available on Amazon. All items purchased through the links on this blog benefit Reading the Cards, so thank you!

Daily Draw for Monday

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Today I am working with a new deck, not just new to me, but also released within the last few months: Mage: The Awakening Tarot. This deck was based off of the Mage roleplaying game, but is a lovely stand alone deck, also. You don’t need any knowledge of the RPG to play. The draw was the Devil, Temperance, and the King of Wands.2009 08-03 Daily

Click on the image for a larger scan.

After I laid out the cards, I remembered a chore that I was going to do in the kitchen today. It involves a lot of down-time, so I decided to go get it started before I typed out my reading. When I got to the kitchen, I saw a HUGE line of ants, almost an inch thick, which snaked around my entire kitchen. I have been trying to deal with these disgusting creatures (Devil) civilly, using deterrents instead of poison (Temperance), but this is too much. I am going crazy, I am too grossed out to cook half the time, and I am very sick of these things all over my food surfaces. I’m not sure what action to take yet, but I need to become the King of Swords and wield myself a trusty weapon against these bugs.

If this seems like a silly thing to read the cards about, keep in mind that they have been affecting me in a big way for a few weeks now. I am SO SICK of their trails in my house, and I think the cards are telling me that Mother Nature will forgive some more drastic measures now that Mr. Nice Guy has failed.

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The Paths Spread

Instead of doing a daily draw today, I decided to do a paths spread to determine a course of action for this weekend. On the one hand, we had made plans with friends to attend a board game night, sleep over, and perhaps go to a small festival the next day. On the other, we are both really tired, and neither of us really wants to drive two hours up there even if we do miss our friends.

To represent the choice, I pulled the nine of Pentacles. On the “go” path were the five of Wands, the Page of Swords, and the Four of Pentacles. On the “stay” path were the World, the Knight of Swords, and the Devil. Click through to check out the larger scan. Any pixelation is a result of my scanner, and is not apparent on the cards.

2009 07-31 DailyAfter I shuffled the cards, I said “I need to make a decision,” and drew the nine of Pentacles. I then alternated top, bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom to represent “go, stay, go, stay, go, stay”. I have to say that I laughed when the first two cards that I laid down were the five of Wands (conflict, struggles, even disaster) and the World (completion, fulfillment, or spiritual/divine joy). Seems telling… but maybe not as much as I thought at first.

The nine of Pentacles tells me that the decision revolves around how to use our leisure time and our hard-earned money (gas, or maybe a dinner out nearby?). The five of Wands indicates conflict, but since we would have been going to a board game party and then to a festival with a freindly contest, it probably just indicates the “conflict” of contesting in the games. This contrasts with the peace and quiet that seems to be coming at us through the World if we stay home.

The second two cards were the Page and Knight of Swords, and I find it telling that the more “advanced” form of the card was on the “stay home” side of the line. Perhaps it is saying that while we might have had a fun time there, we can have just as much fun by embracing staying home. The Page looks indifferent to me, while the Knight is very active, ready to charge toward the World.

In the third set of cards, the four of Pentacles shows the stress that I would almost certianly find myself under with regard to money. I hate the necessity of shelling out for gas, toll, food, snacks, etc. when we head up there to visit as much as I love seeing my friends. It gets stressful, espeically when money is tight, which it currently is. On the other hand, the Devil always seems to appeal to me. It tells me to embrace my impish side and have some naughty fun at home instead.

The spread doesn’t say that one path is “better” than the other, but I think that I personally like where the second path leads. By staying at home, I think we will have a terrific time and we can save the gas money for the next time we actually have the energy to travel.

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MYTH Spread

MYTH, in this case, stands for “Make Yourself The Hero”, and means that you need to make yourself the hero of your own quest or journey. The spread itself is meant to provide a sort of road map for you, and an idea of how to get started. My personal quest is to start a tarot reading business that will provide me financial and spiritual sustenance. This spread was taken from a post on The Tarot Connection.

Click on the Cards to see the full sized images. This spread is normally laid out in a straight line, however my scanner does not quite accommodate.

First Position: Where you are now in relation to your quest.
Nine of Cups – I am in a happy place with my readings and my abilities right now, and I am comfortable. I am going to have to shake up that comfort some if I step outside my normal limits and read for others. 2009 07-27 Bohemian Gothic MYTH Spread

Second Position: Your Magic or your Gift.
The Fool – My strength, my magic, and my gift lies in my creativity and my willingness to take that mental leap into the realm of possibility. I listen to my hunches and my guts, even when it may seem foolish to others.

Third Position: The Noble Adversary or obstacle.
Six of Cups – I can dream forever, but when it comes to action I regress. I behave like a child, procrastinating, waiting for someone to tell me what to do. This is the trouble with working for yourself, and I have been dealing with it for years now.

Fourth Position: Your Ally, internal or external.
Knight of Swords – I am mostly in this by myself, so perhaps my intellectual side will carry me through this creative quagmire and into the realm of action. This could also indicate a reader who is willing to mentor me or perhaps send overflow business my way.

Fifth Position: What actions can you take?
Three of Pentacles – Polish my craft until it shines, and I think that business will follow. Part of polishing it is displaying it in a pretty window, which is what I hope to be doing with this blog.

Sixth Position: Where are you going?
The Magician – It looks like the fool is taking things a bit more seriously and working very hard at manifesting business based on the cards. I have a few leads, and it is time to follow them up!