Daily Draw for Monday

Oh, here we are on Monday again. They come around so often, don’t they? Seems like much more often than, say, Saturday. Ah, well, my cards for today are happy ones at least: the Hierophant, the three of Cups, and the Knight of Cups with my Fae Tarot.

2009 10-12 DailyVery easy reading today. The Wistest Fae is reading from a list, adding items and marking off what is done before time runs out. That is me, trying to accomplish all of the worthy goals on today’s to-do list despite time feeling short for all of it.

The three of Chalices is a celebration even in the midst of an abandoned garden, and I think it refers to the joy in this house despite the belt tightening that we have been doing. It could also refer to my hot date tonight. My dad is taking me out for dinner and a movie, and I plan to have a nice chat with him as well.

The Knight of cups makes me think of my baby. He usually comes up as the Page of Cups, but today he is doing nothing but eating and sleeping. In other words, he’s growing up into my little knight!

Simple and fun… three very basic moments from my life today laid out for you in the cards. I love it when a reading comes together this easily and I am so quick to grasp it.

Daily Draw for Tuesday

Today’s daily draw was with the Bohemian Gothic Tarot. The draw was Death, Justice, and The Chariot. Please click on either image for a clearer and larger picture of the cards – they are quite beautiful!

2009 07-28 DailyThe Death card referred to my husband’s last day of vacation with me, and the change that is coming around the corner when he goes back to work and I have to scrape together the remains of my routine. The Justice card speaks of truth and balance, and I immediately knew that it made reference to a bargain that I made with my husband today: I would go to an event that I destest for his sake, and he would allow me to buy something that I had wanted to pick up for a whlie. The Chariot referred to our drive into town (where the reading was done, thus the late post, here.)

While I was shuflfing, the Three of Cups also fell out of the deck. I took this to indicate the arrival of my brother, with whom we spent the entire afternoon laughing, playing a game, and having a great time at a table in a cafe.

2009 07-28 Three of CupsNot a bad day, all told, and I was really impressed with the accuracy of the reading. I asked for a basic idea of what the day held for me, and it gave me a very literal response. I’m looking forward to working more with this deck!