Daily Draw for Tuesday

Today’s reading is the Chariot, the four of Chalices, and the Queen of Chalices. Click on the cards to see a larger scan.

2009 10-13 DailyI see this reading as sort of a story. The Chariot shows how far I have come so far, and also reminds me that I am on a loooong path. It came up for me just a few days ago to show something similar. The four of Chalices is how I feel right now; I dream of something better – better finances, better skills – but dreaming won’t get me there without action. She has that wonderful big cup, and all she can do is dream of the next, better one. Better for me to be the Queen of Cups. See how she takes advantage of what she has in front of her instead of wishing for more. She looks deeply into her cups and works her magic as well as she is able to with what is right in front of her. Smart Queen.

Daily Draw for Thursday

Today I am using my Fey Tarot, which although it is pretty new to me is already a lot of fun. I don’t generally go for the cartoony cards, so this is a nice diversion for me and hopefully for you as well! Today’s draw was the eight of Chalices, The Chariot, and the two of Pentacles. Click on the cards for a full sized scan.

2009 10-08 DailyThe eight of Chalices in this deck seems to really specifically point to walking away from something that you may once have been attached to, but which you realize is not really for you. It isn’t about giving up or escaping, but about making the right and reasonable decision to step back. The most recent decision that I have made to that affect has been to try to do more with less. For example, yesterday I was mourning the fact that yet another pretty pair of socks had worn through the toes because they are so thin. Socks are either pretty but short lived or sturdy but plain, it seems. I wanted a new set, but didn’t really need them, especially since they don’t last long. That’s when I realized that I can crochet or knit my own colorful socks from now on. They will probably be more sturdy, and less expensive, too. Plus they will have actual meaning for me.

The Chariot reminds me that this is not just a “minors” decision but a grand one that will be a constant journey for me. I will never be done walking this path for as long as I choose to stick to it. It is a good reminder to have. The fey on the two of Pentacles are reminding me that it is possible to be happy with what is in front of you. I’ve already turned myself away from several small purchases by keeping this kind of thinking in mind.

Daily Draw for Monday

Today has been a very stressful day, which is why it is the afternoon and I am only just getting out my cards. I used the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot for the reading. Keep your eyes open, because if you like this deck, you could win it, or a reading with it! Details tomorrow!! Now, on with the reading. I drew the Lord of Earth, the Two of Air (Swords), and Imagination (Chariot). Click on the cards to see a larger scan.

2009 08-17 DailyThe Lord of Earth tells me about my role as master of the household finances, a job that I sort of stumbled on today. While sorting out the chaos, I was feeling very stressed out and unhappy. The Lord reminds me that I am the one in control, and as such it is up to me to calmly fix things and get on with life rather than freaking out unnecessarily.

The two of Air shows two riders on horseback. The card’s keyword is “respect”, and the book talks about seeing the other side of an issue, and two people putting aside conflict to work together, etc. I think I just need to respect this mistake as the small and annoying thing it is, and work with it as a learning experience instead of trying to bury it or forget about it.

The Imagination card tells me to let my creative side have some free reign here, and to allow myself to move forward past this mistake and find creative ways to fix it, which I have already worked on doing. It is a pain to have to deal with this kind of thing, but I believe it will prove useful to me in the end.

Keep your eyes out tomorrow to win a copy of the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot or a reading with this deck soon! But if you just can’t wait, the Da Vinci Enigma is also available on Amazon. All items purchased through the links on this blog benefit Reading the Cards, so thank you!

Daily Draw for Tuesday

Today’s daily draw was with the Bohemian Gothic Tarot. The draw was Death, Justice, and The Chariot. Please click on either image for a clearer and larger picture of the cards – they are quite beautiful!

2009 07-28 DailyThe Death card referred to my husband’s last day of vacation with me, and the change that is coming around the corner when he goes back to work and I have to scrape together the remains of my routine. The Justice card speaks of truth and balance, and I immediately knew that it made reference to a bargain that I made with my husband today: I would go to an event that I destest for his sake, and he would allow me to buy something that I had wanted to pick up for a whlie. The Chariot referred to our drive into town (where the reading was done, thus the late post, here.)

While I was shuflfing, the Three of Cups also fell out of the deck. I took this to indicate the arrival of my brother, with whom we spent the entire afternoon laughing, playing a game, and having a great time at a table in a cafe.

2009 07-28 Three of CupsNot a bad day, all told, and I was really impressed with the accuracy of the reading. I asked for a basic idea of what the day held for me, and it gave me a very literal response. I’m looking forward to working more with this deck!