Daily Draw for Thrusday

Sorry that I have not been posting all week. I gave myself food poisoning on Monday and have been slowly trying to get back into the swing of things all week. The good news: no one else in my family ate the bad food. So, without further ado, the Bohemian Gothic Tarot for Hallowe’en week! I drew the nine of Pentacles, Temperance, and the six of Cups. Click on the cards for the detailed scan.

2009 10-29 DailyI asked the cards to show me what would happen today, and it was spot on. The nine of Pentacles traditionally shows a person enjoying a garden that they have built for themselves, independent, confident and sure. My husband and I are pretty broke, but we have set aside a little money so that I can build a couple of raised planters (our soil sucks) and grow vegetables for next year. We would like to be independent of our current vegetable supply, since we hate it. Step one, build the beds and buy the winter vegetable seeds. I’m shopping for seeds and lumber today!

Temperance shows my reluctance to overspend. A high bed would be nice to keep from stooping (and to keep the baby from meddling too much), but it requires more wood and therefore more money. I have a way limited budget, so this is me trying to balance “good beds” with “don’t overspend”.

The six of Cups shows children with flowers all around them, including a pot in the girl’s hand. I am totally dreaming about how this will look when it is done, and I am very excited about it. I guess I will spend a lot of today with my head in the clouds, which is fine as long as I get some work done, too! 🙂

MYTH Spread

MYTH, in this case, stands for “Make Yourself The Hero”, and means that you need to make yourself the hero of your own quest or journey. The spread itself is meant to provide a sort of road map for you, and an idea of how to get started. My personal quest is to start a tarot reading business that will provide me financial and spiritual sustenance. This spread was taken from a post on The Tarot Connection.

Click on the Cards to see the full sized images. This spread is normally laid out in a straight line, however my scanner does not quite accommodate.

First Position: Where you are now in relation to your quest.
Nine of Cups – I am in a happy place with my readings and my abilities right now, and I am comfortable. I am going to have to shake up that comfort some if I step outside my normal limits and read for others. 2009 07-27 Bohemian Gothic MYTH Spread

Second Position: Your Magic or your Gift.
The Fool – My strength, my magic, and my gift lies in my creativity and my willingness to take that mental leap into the realm of possibility. I listen to my hunches and my guts, even when it may seem foolish to others.

Third Position: The Noble Adversary or obstacle.
Six of Cups – I can dream forever, but when it comes to action I regress. I behave like a child, procrastinating, waiting for someone to tell me what to do. This is the trouble with working for yourself, and I have been dealing with it for years now.

Fourth Position: Your Ally, internal or external.
Knight of Swords – I am mostly in this by myself, so perhaps my intellectual side will carry me through this creative quagmire and into the realm of action. This could also indicate a reader who is willing to mentor me or perhaps send overflow business my way.

Fifth Position: What actions can you take?
Three of Pentacles – Polish my craft until it shines, and I think that business will follow. Part of polishing it is displaying it in a pretty window, which is what I hope to be doing with this blog.

Sixth Position: Where are you going?
The Magician – It looks like the fool is taking things a bit more seriously and working very hard at manifesting business based on the cards. I have a few leads, and it is time to follow them up!