Daily Draw for Thrusday

Sorry that I have not been posting all week. I gave myself food poisoning on Monday and have been slowly trying to get back into the swing of things all week. The good news: no one else in my family ate the bad food. So, without further ado, the Bohemian Gothic Tarot for Hallowe’en week! I drew the nine of Pentacles, Temperance, and the six of Cups. Click on the cards for the detailed scan.

2009 10-29 DailyI asked the cards to show me what would happen today, and it was spot on. The nine of Pentacles traditionally shows a person enjoying a garden that they have built for themselves, independent, confident and sure. My husband and I are pretty broke, but we have set aside a little money so that I can build a couple of raised planters (our soil sucks) and grow vegetables for next year. We would like to be independent of our current vegetable supply, since we hate it. Step one, build the beds and buy the winter vegetable seeds. I’m shopping for seeds and lumber today!

Temperance shows my reluctance to overspend. A high bed would be nice to keep from stooping (and to keep the baby from meddling too much), but it requires more wood and therefore more money. I have a way limited budget, so this is me trying to balance “good beds” with “don’t overspend”.

The six of Cups shows children with flowers all around them, including a pot in the girl’s hand. I am totally dreaming about how this will look when it is done, and I am very excited about it. I guess I will spend a lot of today with my head in the clouds, which is fine as long as I get some work done, too! 🙂

Daily Draw for Wednesday

Today’s draw is the seven of Cups, the two of Cups, and the Wheel of Fortune.Click on the cards to see a larger scan of the reading.

2009 09-23 DailyThe seven of Cups usually comes up for me when I need to stop daydreaming, choose an area of focus, and just GO. In this case I think I am spending too much time working on my other projects (including both Tarot and crochet) and not enough time with the circus training that I love. It is a lot easier to sit on the couch with some yarn and some cards than to get up and move, but I need to!

Ah, but the two of cups, what a card of harmony, no? I don’t need to give up my other hobbies, I just need to find a balance. I need to be willing to spend time on all of the things I love when they will each benefit me most. I may be hanging out at a cafe with my yarn or my cards tonight, so I should get some stretching or some working out done today.

I like the Wheel of Fortune card. What goes up must come down, the whole world is a circle and things go in cycles. The Wheel reminds me of fate and destiny, and I know that my time is coming… I just have to be ready to enjoy it when it gets here.

The deck that I used today is the Mystic Dreamer Tarot. If you enjoy it, you may also like the Llewellyn Tarot. Both are available through Amazon, and any purchase made through the links on this page will benefit Reading the Cards, so thank you for your patronage!

Daily Draw for Monday

I’m trying to get out of a funk that has taken over lately, so I’m making the extra effort to get back into doing my daily draws. Today’s draw is the five of Pentacles, the two of Wands, and the nine of Wands. Click on the cards to see a larger scan.

2009 09-07 DailyThe five of Pentacles makes me think of how I feel right now. A little bit out in the cold over an encounter with a very bitter bureaucratic type who refuses to be helpful in any way. I feel turned upside down and confused by her aggressiveness and rudeness.

The two of wands shows where I would rather be – a position of balance and freedom versus having the ground shaking under my feet. This leads to the nine of wands, which represents victory. The cards are telling me that even though I am shaken up right now, focusing on getting my feet back under me and forgetting about the tremor will lead me to a happy place.

If you would like to own of copy of this deck, the Tarot Roots of Asia, please click on the link! Anything that you buy through the links of this blog support Reading the Cards, so thank you!

The Paths Spread

Instead of doing a daily draw today, I decided to do a paths spread to determine a course of action for this weekend. On the one hand, we had made plans with friends to attend a board game night, sleep over, and perhaps go to a small festival the next day. On the other, we are both really tired, and neither of us really wants to drive two hours up there even if we do miss our friends.

To represent the choice, I pulled the nine of Pentacles. On the “go” path were the five of Wands, the Page of Swords, and the Four of Pentacles. On the “stay” path were the World, the Knight of Swords, and the Devil. Click through to check out the larger scan. Any pixelation is a result of my scanner, and is not apparent on the cards.

2009 07-31 DailyAfter I shuffled the cards, I said “I need to make a decision,” and drew the nine of Pentacles. I then alternated top, bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom to represent “go, stay, go, stay, go, stay”. I have to say that I laughed when the first two cards that I laid down were the five of Wands (conflict, struggles, even disaster) and the World (completion, fulfillment, or spiritual/divine joy). Seems telling… but maybe not as much as I thought at first.

The nine of Pentacles tells me that the decision revolves around how to use our leisure time and our hard-earned money (gas, or maybe a dinner out nearby?). The five of Wands indicates conflict, but since we would have been going to a board game party and then to a festival with a freindly contest, it probably just indicates the “conflict” of contesting in the games. This contrasts with the peace and quiet that seems to be coming at us through the World if we stay home.

The second two cards were the Page and Knight of Swords, and I find it telling that the more “advanced” form of the card was on the “stay home” side of the line. Perhaps it is saying that while we might have had a fun time there, we can have just as much fun by embracing staying home. The Page looks indifferent to me, while the Knight is very active, ready to charge toward the World.

In the third set of cards, the four of Pentacles shows the stress that I would almost certianly find myself under with regard to money. I hate the necessity of shelling out for gas, toll, food, snacks, etc. when we head up there to visit as much as I love seeing my friends. It gets stressful, espeically when money is tight, which it currently is. On the other hand, the Devil always seems to appeal to me. It tells me to embrace my impish side and have some naughty fun at home instead.

The spread doesn’t say that one path is “better” than the other, but I think that I personally like where the second path leads. By staying at home, I think we will have a terrific time and we can save the gas money for the next time we actually have the energy to travel.

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