Daily Draw for Tuesday

Today’s reading is the Chariot, the four of Chalices, and the Queen of Chalices. Click on the cards to see a larger scan.

2009 10-13 DailyI see this reading as sort of a story. The Chariot shows how far I have come so far, and also reminds me that I am on a loooong path. It came up for me just a few days ago to show something similar. The four of Chalices is how I feel right now; I dream of something better – better finances, better skills – but dreaming won’t get me there without action. She has that wonderful big cup, and all she can do is dream of the next, better one. Better for me to be the Queen of Cups. See how she takes advantage of what she has in front of her instead of wishing for more. She looks deeply into her cups and works her magic as well as she is able to with what is right in front of her. Smart Queen.

Daily Draw for Tuesday

Today’s daily draw is with the Mystic Dreamer Tarot, yet again. The cards are the four of Cups, the ten of Swords, and the Hermit. Not a very “happy” reading overall! Click on the cards for a larger image.

2009 09-22 Daily

The four of Cups strikes me as a very sad card in this deck. Normally I associate this card with longing, but the woman in this deck seems to go beyond that, even perhaps mourning what she dreamed of but cannot reach. I was trying to figure out what in my life makes me feel that way, and I realized that it may be the attempts to sell my creative work, including my Tarot readings here and my crocheted items at Tangled Yarn Creations. It seems like these ventures are “dead” before they even get truly started, much like the ten of Swords.

If the first two cards are about my feelings, then the Hermit is perhaps about the solution. He stands alone with a small pile of books and scrolls and a pen and paper. Doing his homework, I would almost say. It may just be that I need to stop closeting myself away with research, theory, and even with my projects, and get out into the world to spread the word about my projects. I have a lot to share, so it would be lovely to be better able to share it.

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Daily Draw for Saturday

Today I drew the High Priestess, the Four of Cups, and the Knight of Wands. Click on the image for a larger scan of the cards.

2009 08-01 DailyThe High Priestess looks so carefree, absolutely not weighed down by her tasks or the expectations that are placed on her. She floats through her realm, totally confident and peaceful.

The four of Cups looks peaceful too, but in a different way. He is relaxing, calm and happy, but then there is something out of his reach, and suddenly he cannot focus on what he already has.

The Knight of Wands is still, and while his horse has raised one foot, there is not much movement in this card. He seems to be looking right at me, asking whether I am really working toward my goals, or whether I am waiting for him to come rescue me. The fact that he’s not moving suggests that I have to get there myself.

I think that the High Priestess is trying to show me how to balance all of the many things that I want to do in my life right now. The stars in her hair, which traditionally represent the signs of the zodiac, seem to me to be the things that are literally “on her mind”. They are balanced and not overwhelming her. Taking that together with the four, perhaps I should strive to use my “wants” to balance myself out. For example, think about the goal while I am doing a task that I don’t enjoy. As the Knight says, I’m on my own, but I can do it or he wouldn’t just be sitting there.

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