Daily Draw for Thursday

Today I drew the two of Wands, the Queen of Cups, and the ten of Cups. Please click on the cards for a larger scan.

2009 10-15 DailyI was particularly surprised to note the return of the Queen of Cups today. She popped up just two days ago. In fact, I seem to be seeing a lot of cups cards lately.

The first card in the reading is the two of Wands, and I couldn’t help but think how sad this little fae looks. She obviously wants to jump up and fly, but she’s too scared. The Queen is looking into her cup and seeing the plight of the little fae, and you can see the concern on her face. She wants to use her magic to transform the situation on the two of wands into a situation like the one on the ten of Cups. Of course the Queen of Cups sees a Cups solution, which may not be entirely objective of her.

Am I afraid to fly? Maybe. The empathic part of myself wishes I could be happier and isn’t sure how to work that magic, at least not yet. I think now is a wonderful time to think seriously about how to transform my empty nest feelings into full cup feelings instead.

Daily Draw for Monday

I’m trying to get out of a funk that has taken over lately, so I’m making the extra effort to get back into doing my daily draws. Today’s draw is the five of Pentacles, the two of Wands, and the nine of Wands. Click on the cards to see a larger scan.

2009 09-07 DailyThe five of Pentacles makes me think of how I feel right now. A little bit out in the cold over an encounter with a very bitter bureaucratic type who refuses to be helpful in any way. I feel turned upside down and confused by her aggressiveness and rudeness.

The two of wands shows where I would rather be – a position of balance and freedom versus having the ground shaking under my feet. This leads to the nine of wands, which represents victory. The cards are telling me that even though I am shaken up right now, focusing on getting my feet back under me and forgetting about the tremor will lead me to a happy place.

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